Debit Card Processing

The Vars Network lets merchants process their debit card transactions at rates equal to or lower than those offered by Canadian financial institutions or acquirers. Merchants and retailers no longer need to be connected to their financial institution or acquirer by the POS terminal or PIN pad it provided, but via the Vars Network multi-acquirer platform that sends settlement and deposit files to one or the other, as the merchant wishes.

Credit Card Processing

We can offer merchants and retailers complete processing of transactions made by their customers using Visa, MasterCard networks® or American Express® chip cards, at a lower cost than financial institutions or acquirers. Our platform and our certifications allow transaction authorizations by the issuing bank and authorization numbers to be sent to the merchant, as well as the preparation of settlement and deposit files for each merchant with the financial institution of their choice.

Secure, chip-enabled/smartcard-ready point of sale terminals

Complete processing of credit/debit cards equipped with chip technology (EMV). This significant advantage is just part of our commitment to simplify the lives of Canadian businesses and retailers when it comes to electronic payment solutions, and to free them, as much as possible, from the technological constraints imposed by the migration to EMV specifications and industry PCI-DSS security standards.

Gift Card and loyalty card programs

Today's Gift & Loyalty programs are targeted toward larger merchants. They are comprehensive, yet complex, cumbersome and expensive for the smaller merchants that merely want a simple program to offer. True Gift & Loyalty is a simple, cost-effective offline program that allows you to provide Gift & Loyalty Cards to your customers. Gift & Loyalty Cards allow you to drive repeat business into your store. You now have the opportunity to differentiate your business and increase your revenue by offering a simple an affordable Gift & Loyalty Program to your customers.

Prepaid long distance/cellular phone cards

The Vars Network maintains direct relationships with the nation's leading prepaid product providers. Through a comprehensive product offering, Vars network can ensure that retailers - regardless of location - have access to the best products available in their markets today!

Vars Network's fully electronic solutions are compact, fast and easy-to-use, and they eliminate the need for a retailer to purchase and manage an inventory of prepaid products. Vars Network offers Prepaid Wireless, Prepaid Long-Distance and Prepaid Internet Service from Canada's leading providers through the most technologically advanced POS (point-of-sale) terminals that conveniently and efficiently handle sales of multiple products from multiple vendors.