About us

Since 1997 Vars Investment Group Inc. has been deploying ATM's and POS terminals to merchants. The deregulation of the financial services industry has allowed us to offer a level of service and support unmatched in the industry. Our leading edge terminals support multitude applications, including cash dispensing, credit card, debit card, and pre-paid products processing that provide immediate cost efficiencies and profit to our client.

With exceptional commitment to innovation and cutting edge technology Vars Investment Group Inc. will continue to provide cost effective value added solutions to its customers, stakeholders and individual end users.

Financial services have evolved rapidly over the years and VARS is moving forward with the new generation of technology. Revolutionary smart cards are now available to customers through Financial Institutions in Canada. Armed with a microchip, the smart card offers higher security than the traditional magnetic stripe.

The VARS team is committed to innovative products that work efficiently and cost effectively for business and consumer alike.